An Intellectual Revolution: It’s Time!

Culture, General, Politics

By Farah K. Yachoui

July 18, 2016

How far are we from feudalism? It is when one is granted an estate in return for one’s service. How is granting any other type of support in exchange for service any different? Some call this Tutelism, from tutelage, which is a form of guardianship that gives one entity authority and power over another. It is an evolved and adapted form of feudalism that dominates our social structure.

Why is it that every public protest turns into a circus of protesters, a sea of little Lebanese flags and of sarcastic signs and posters that serve for nothing but entertainment? How do we become a more results driven crowd? Do we need to revolutionize our thoughts and subsequently our actions? Is it time for an intellectual revolution?

Tutelism is at the root of our long history of political corruption. How is that? Economic hardship combined with poor intellect are what fuel this system. Financial and other types of support are guaranteed in return for loyalty and service to a particular ethnic group or religious sect or political party. Political corruption strives on economic hardship and uncultivated minds.

Theda Skopol wrote in her book, “States and Social Revolution: A Comparative Analysis of France, Russia and China”, that social and political revolutions go hand in hand because one of the main factors for the occurence of either is the existence of severe socio-political conflict along with an inefficient administration, an incompetent military body, constant exploitation of the working class and a challenging environment for raising resources.

All of these elements exist in Lebanon. However, it seems that the people have kissed the dream of socio-political change goodbye a very long time ago. What is inhibiting this change from taking place? The “ruling” political parties do not entierly depend on the people for resources. Rumor has it that, at least financically, global powers of opposite polarities are supporting them. The people became increasingly dependent in seaking support from the parties to whom they believe they belong to depending on the region and their religious sect. Over the years this phenomenon became part of their education: Loyalty and service guarantees support and a decent future!

The “ruling” political parties are resourceful and confident that the current social struture and the poor level of intellect of the majority of the population will always be to their benefit. The only way people will start demonstrating resistance is when they become open to reshaping their knowledge, broadening their horizons and freeing themselves from their “tutelary” lords. Our only salvation is an intellectual revolution!

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